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Awesome website! I know you guys will so far with the band. Continue on!!!!
Checking you all out at 151 Saloon! I freakin love you all! Looking forward to seeing you all again already!
His much do y'all charge for weddings???
Hey!! See y'all guys on the 16th at Hofbrau!!
I live in Ohio and recently visited San Antonio. I heard your band and thought you were great. I'm not usually so impressed with a band that I make an effort to write down their name and check them out on the internet so that I can hear more. I really enjoy your music.
I so enjoyed your music. I hope that I can catch up with your group while visiting SA--I am on a 6 week break from my DODEA (civilian) job in Misawa, Japan. During the cold winter months while serving our country there is so much I miss about Texas--the sound you make is--music to my ears.
Wow! Charlie and Krystal, I just checked out this website and I am amazed at your talent!! I know there are big plans for you guys and I am so proud of you ! I have no doubt these gifts God has given you will rise. I wish I knew a way to get you to some big contact so everyone could enjoy your talent! Love you guys kiss that precious baby girl and I will be watching and following your rise to the top!
Long time no hear or see, since the undertakers kickball season. Congrats to your new addition in your family :) hope to see and hear you guys again
Great job guys. Had to come online and check you out on Sa Living. Amazing as always...
Love you guys....
Hey Charlie I'm your cousin in Pollok Tx. I think ya'll are great!!!
Saw your band on the SA Living show this morning & was blown away by your band! Hope to see you soon at your next gig!
How can I reserve a table?
I enjoyed the show last night at Thirsty Horse! Y'all were playing there a couple of months ago when I first went there. So now I try and make it there when you are playing. I love your sound, you have a fan/follower in me! Ken
Saw you guys at Stockyards and WOW what an awesome show!..... you guys put on a great show! hope to make it out to see you guys again! :)
Great Music! Love&Peace;from Germany
going to see you all for the first time @ crazy ds on sat
Just realized who you guys were . . . we are from Poth and were guests at the Moy/Huddleston wedding last weekend. Wish we would have figured it out sooner and introduced ourselves. Anyhow, you all were just fantastic. Really enjoyed it!
Saw you guys out at Crazy D's last Saturday. Your great, it's nice to hear a great girls voice of today and not someone that only sings Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline. Both lead vocals harmonize great, both the drummer and lead guitar you can tell enjoy playing and the bass couldnt be any cooler :) Glad to have met ya! young & very talented..very inspiring for our future artists of the world.
Enjoyed seeing ya'll at Stonewerks Saturday night. I enjoyed every song you performed and can't stop telling others how great ya'll are. Last week was one of the worst in my Sisters and my lives. Thank you so much for helping us to smile and enjoy the evening so much!
just had to stop by to chk out ur site....goin to try to come by the wetmore this weekend. we frequent there quite often and heard ya'll goin to be there this weekend. whoo hoo...hope to cya then>>>peace
after meeting jack yesterday, i knew i must have done something to please the great spirit. before we went our separate ways, he let me hear crystal singing the song written for the guy's wife, on the passing of her mother. it was a good ride - and come saturday, i'm hoping you'll take me on another one, over the rim, cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown.
I saw you all last night at the Stetson Bar and you guys are awesome! I really enjoyed the music and look forward to hearing you all again. I wish you all the best!
Saw you in Laredo, TX last night (1/5/10)... Loved, Loved, Loved you guys!! I will look you up when I'm in or around San Antonio...
Loved ya'll at Stetson Bar on Friday!!! I was the one from Kosciusko... see you soon at Ropers!
Went to the show at the Stockyards last night. Y'all have a great sound and stage presence. Hope to see y'all next time.
Thoroughly enjoyed your show at "Fat Cowboy" last night ( 7 Mar) We went with our niece Frances Rendon and glad that we did. Look forward to seeing and hearing STH again.
I'm the blonde "yeller" from Friday night at LoneStar in Uvalde. =) I thought y'all were absolutely awesome!!!! Do you have any cd's for sale? I would love to get a copy.
we love you guys, if I had the money, I would put all bets on you two!!
If it wern't for Krystals father driving me in the cab from Lackland AFB to the Texas Roadhouse in San Antonio I would have never heard of you all but I am glad I did you guys are terrific definatly try and do a tour and hit up Toledo Ohio please!
WOW.............I'm breathless. You guys rock!! You are so amazingly talented. I was totally blown away last night at the Midnight Rodeo! Keep it up! Always believe in yourselves and stay positive! Love you, Julie & fam
Can't remember the cab drivers name but turned me on to some great music. Thanks cabby great time in Santone thanks for getting us safe to our room.
hey guys, love the new website format! ya'll look good with Pat Green and i think you gave them a run for their spotlight! you guys sounded awesome!!!!!
where have yall gone? don't see yall at ropers anymore and no calendar on this website for future dates?
hey guys yall did awsome saturday and thank yall for the shout out
Yall are awesome. I enjoy your shows!Keep up the great work! And thanks for making my birthday special at roper's friday sept 28
Hey man cant wait to see yall again.
Great music guys!! Keep it up!
Nice guys the web page looks great.
like the new website! You need more music tho! ya!