Band Members

Small Town Habit

Krystal Franklin -
Lead Vocals, Mandolin

Krystal began singing as a very young child, but didn't hit the stage until she was 14 years old. She was the resident National Anthem singer in her hometown and even sang for the Houston Rockets. When she wasn't singing at weddings or games she was playing her trumpet in the high school band. After her and Charlie formed the band she continued to play her trumpet at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas where she graduated with a Bachelor of Music. She is now an Elementary Music Teacher in South Texas and is spreading her love of music to the younger generation.

Krystal's Gear:  Eastman Mandolins, Shure Microphones, Sennheiser IEM System, Shure IEM's, L.R. Baggs & Whirlwind Accessories


Charlie Franklin -
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

When Charlie was 14 years old his parents got him a $20 guitar and he taught himself to play. Once he got an upgrade on his guitar he began playing in small cafes in his hometown of Floresville, Texas when he was in high school. His future wife, Krystal joined him singing in the cafes and they expanded thier locations to weddings, private parties, and even a street corner in Nashville. After playing together for two years they decided to form a band. Thus, Small Town Habit was born.

Charlie's Gear:  Takamine Guitars, Alien Ears, Audix Microphones, Sennheiser IEM System, Radial & Whirlwind Accessories

Fabian Vela -
Lead Guitar

Fabian grew up in the small town of Floresville, Texas. He got his first electric guitar (with no amp) when he was 15 years old and taught himself "Tommorow" by Silverchair. He played throughout high school with friends and joined Small Town Habit his senior year as the original bass player. He was planning on staying for their first gig and moving on, but decided to stay. A year later he moved to lead guitar. He has a Music Industries degree from the University of the Incarnate Word and a Master's Degree in Accounting.


Thomas Miller -
Drums, Background Vocals

Thomas was born and raised in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, but after meeting his wife he moved to San Antonio. His mom first gave him a drumset when he was only a toddler and he has been playing ever since. His parents saw his talent at an early age and that talent just continued to grow as he got his first kit when he was 13 and started playing in church. He played throughout middle school and high school. In high school he won numerous awards, including the John Phillip Sousa award. After graduation, he played in the band at Southeastern Louisiana University and became the drummer for the Lake Side Opry band.

Thomas' Gear:  Alien Ears, Tama Drums, Pork Pie Snare Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Promark Drumsticks, Audix Microphones, & Aquarian Drumheads


Bob Ballentine -
Bass Guitar

Bob was born in Opelousas, Louisiana, and at age 10 he moved to Pearsall, Texas where he learned to play guitar and bass.  He spent three years in the Pearsall Stageband, and after graduation moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.  While in Louisiana he studied music and performed at various clubs in the city.  Later he moved to Austin, Texas and traveled with the band "Smokehouse" a country, western, and variety show band.  They traveled all through Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.  After his stint with "Smokehouse" Bob returned to the family business in Pearsall, Texas, and continued to play music in dance halls across the area until he was forced to put music on hold for a while.  Six years ago Bob started performing again with area bands, old friends, and some new ones enjoying all types of music new and old.